In the ongoing evolution of American gay rights, you might expect some strange occurrences to transpire before arriving at the correct, no-brain answer on how to treat members of the LGBT community (which, as a refresher, is to let everyone marry whomever they want, and treat everyone like human beings. Period.)

But for one lesbian couple in Bloomsburg, PA, this gradual transformation of human rights has placed them in the painful overlap of the Discrimination/Equality Venn diagram. According to Eyewitness News in Pennsylvania, when the couple, who have remained anonymous, requested services from W.W. Bridal Boutique for their perfectly legal wedding, they were told by an employee that:

"unfortunately she would not be able to schedule an appointment for them because they currently do not service same sex couples — it's just not something they do."


As mind boggling as it may seem, legal experts say there is nothing the couple can do since Pennsylvania specifically allows for discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation, despite the fact that Pennsylvania also allows for same-sex marriage.

From Think Progress:

Pennsylvania is currently the only state in which same-sex couples can legally marry, but also legally be refused jobs, housing, and public services just because of their sexual orientation. Many municipalities across the commonwealth have passed local nondiscrimination protections to compensate for the lack of state and federal laws, but Bloomsburg is not one of them — yet. This means that the discrimination these women experienced was perfectly legal.

The Bloomsburg City Council is currently meeting to discuss how to handle the situation. It's a painful reminder for all of us that although the passage of gay marriage rights continues to pass along more and more states, not all of our rights have been codified.

In the meantime, if you're a bridal boutique in Pennsylvania that does support rights for all human beings, we know a couple who's looking for your business.



Eyewitness News

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