Jacob Clifton Interview: Exploring a New Kind of Singularity

Maybe a shoddy Skype connection was the best medium for an interview about our inability as humans to fully know one another. We talk and our speech sounds perfect to our own ears, but on the receiving end who knows how much has been conveyed, how many words have broken up. I didn't realize it as I was speaking alone… » 8/22/14 2:59pm 8/22/14 2:59pm

Say Goodbye to OkCupid's Two Most Worthless Profile Questions

Beloved online dating coach, and friend of BackTalk, Virginia Roberts of The Heartographer, has clued me in that OkCupid is making some changes to its set of default profile questions (the ones that show up on your profile page, not the endless stream of questions exploring such philosophical topics as whether nuclear… » 8/20/14 6:36pm 8/20/14 6:36pm

In Pennsylvania, Both Gay Marriage and Gay Discrimination are Legal

In the ongoing evolution of American gay rights, you might expect some strange occurrences to transpire before arriving at the correct, no-brain answer on how to treat members of the LGBT community (which, as a refresher, is to let everyone marry whomever they want, and treat everyone like human beings. Period.) » 8/11/14 5:22pm 8/11/14 5:22pm

Here's Your Fail-Safe Guide on How to Ask a Girl If She's Gay

Are you a woman who's interested in attracting women who like other women? Yes? Great! Comedienne and YouTuber Hannah Hart has put together the most authoritative of primers to teach you how to sneak in close and slip that arm around your lady crush's shoulder—with absolute assurance that your new belle is into you. » 8/07/14 11:11pm 8/07/14 11:11pm

Gay Man Found Dead in Pool of Blood, Tulsa Police Forbid Investigation

On June 20, Benny Longoria, a forty-year-old gay man living with HIV, was found dead in his apartment, lying naked in a pool of his own blood. A friend made the grisly discovery and told the Tulsa Police, but unbelievably, they failed to notify Longoria's family for over a month. It would be the beginning in a series… » 8/07/14 10:40am 8/07/14 10:40am

Nerdy Chanteur of Ruth Bader Ginsberg Dissent Is Likely a Zombie

Way back in June of 2014, you may recall America erupting in a Stormborn-like rage at the Supreme Court's Hobby Lobby decision, which allowed for closely-held corporations to refuse Plan-B to women on the basis of Jesus. WHERE ARE MY CONTRACEPTIVES? we collectively screamed. But as we roiled on the interwebs,… » 8/06/14 8:00pm 8/06/14 8:00pm

Sibling Idolization, or Show Me How To Be Beautiful

My older brother had wavy, brown hair, hazel-green eyes that changed colors like in teen novels, and a long, slender body where the skin clung tightly to muscle and bone. He ran track and cross country, played point-guard on the varsity basketball team, and never shied away from playing a round of shirts and skins.… » 8/05/14 1:24pm 8/05/14 1:24pm

In 1969, Gawker Writer Prophesied End of Antiquated Internet Syntax

Yes, it's true, Balkers. Our Gawker writers have prescience in a way we never even knew possible. Jackson West—GOOD OLD JACKSON WEST—gave us this post from all the way back in 1969, telling us how CNET was incorrectly perpetuating an incorrect syntax. (Click on link and look at the time stamp yourself). » 8/01/14 4:00am 8/01/14 4:00am

The Hero’s Journey Is Still the Only Hope for Good Stories

Recently I read 'My Cousin is Not a Hero,' an essay by M. Molly Backes, that unassumingly, though despondently, argues that most of our lives are not epics with plots reaching Hero's Journey proportions. She discusses how her cousin's zany anecdotes do not line up into a blockbuster series of events that he's hoping… » 7/31/14 9:00am 7/31/14 9:00am