In Pennsylvania, Both Gay Marriage and Gay Discrimination are Legal

In the ongoing evolution of American gay rights, you might expect some strange occurrences to transpire before arriving at the correct, no-brain answer on how to treat members of the LGBT community (which, as a refresher, is to let everyone marry whomever they want, and treat everyone like human beings. Period.) »8/11/14 5:22pm8/11/14 5:22pm


Here's Your Fail-Safe Guide on How to Ask a Girl If She's Gay

Are you a woman who's interested in attracting women who like other women? Yes? Great! Comedienne and YouTuber Hannah Hart has put together the most authoritative of primers to teach you how to sneak in close and slip that arm around your lady crush's shoulder—with absolute assurance that your new belle is into you. »8/07/14 11:11pm8/07/14 11:11pm

Gay Man Found Dead in Pool of Blood, Tulsa Police Forbid Investigation

On June 20, Benny Longoria, a forty-year-old gay man living with HIV, was found dead in his apartment, lying naked in a pool of his own blood. A friend made the grisly discovery and told the Tulsa Police, but unbelievably, they failed to notify Longoria's family for over a month. It would be the beginning in a series… »8/07/14 10:40am8/07/14 10:40am

As a girl born raised in New Orleans and lived in Seattle from 14 to 24, I can FEEL the passive aggressiveness in the article every time Clio describes a person...its like the rain....permeates everything. But i do miss people watching on Capital Hill, and saying hi to complete strangers and watching them squirm :) »7/26/14 4:53pm7/26/14 4:53pm

Let me ask a question of my own if you don't mind: what are you actually trying to get out of your question? Because if I'm being honest, the tone of it seems pointed and it's more than a little leading. I'm not even really sure what you're asking, or what answer you want. »7/18/14 1:26am7/18/14 1:26am

Please Return to Your Assigned Archetypes for Duration of the Flight

One of my favorite parts about this online playground is that it's a community of minds, not bodies, that functions perfectly well for people looking to interact with grey matter rather than skin tones, gender bias, homophobia, and any other physical labeling. I know the name, gender, race, and/or sexuality of… »6/24/14 8:29pm6/24/14 8:29pm

To Literary Elitist Ruth Graham: Censorship via Shaming Helps No One

Dear Ruth Graham, I write and read stories with 12 to 18-year-old protagonists struggling to understand their world, and today you shamed me for doing so. You see, I'm an adult in my mid-twenties—an adult who can make his own decisions on how to spend his time, who can decide what pastimes are enjoyable and… »6/05/14 5:44pm6/05/14 5:44pm